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(the condition of a system in which all competing influences are balanced)

I'm not much of a scientist, but I vaguely remember lessons about equilibrium and disequilibrium. I found the following under a physics definition:

If a system is in stable equilibrium, small disturbances to the system cause only a temporary change before it returns to its original state.

I'm impressed with Stephanie's ability to hold so much in balance: writing a first pass of a novel, editing a novel in the works, and developing a whole new series, all while helping her youngest transition into a new phase of her life. What grace. She's a pro, for sure!

The introduction of disturbances—whether these are unexpected problems with pressing deadlines, or new ideas calling for development, throws off the equilibrium at least briefly. They compete for attention.

In the last 2-3 weeks I've been revising text and art for DREAMING UP: A CELEBRATION OF BUILDING which is my next author/illustrator project publishing with Lee & Low this fall, helping a local creator write a pitch and story for a new e-book app series, studying for the California test for wannabe teachers, rewriting my resume, filling out job applications, preparing/delivering presentations for my recently published book OUR SCHOOL GARDEN!, and going on college tours with my daughter. I'm in disequilibrium with competing forces and I look forward to a place of balance.

In the midst of this my writing is calling to me—back burner/old ideas and new ones. Once my current book is off to the printer I can return my focus there. I'm paraphrasing, but I remember a William Stafford interview where he said he would gladly give away (or lose) everything he's written for the chance to write something new.


Lauren said...

Oh my Christy! You have so much going on! It is both a blessing and a curse-- and all of it is so important and wonderful. I hope you find many moments of equilibrium over the next few months as you finish projects and transition with your daughter into this next phase of life.

Edie Hemingway said...

Christy, you certainly are in the midst of a balancing act, and I hope you find your equilibrium soon! Will you be teaching art? Here's hoping you find time for your writing, too, because you have such a knack for both!
Hugs from Edie

David LaRochelle said...

It's good to have so many interesting things going on, but I don't blame you for wanting a time to catch your breath and regain your balance, Christy. I hope you can take a mini-break; maybe that's all you'd need to keep all those balls that you are juggling in the air.

Stephanie said...

You are so amazing, you have way more going on than I do. I hope the job hunt goes well. How lucky a school would be to have you as a teacher.

john said...

Christy, that is a lot to maintain equilibrium, but I am sure you you will find that. Keep us posted on all of it.

Christy said...

Thank you all for your support and encouragement. I am fortunate that these are just too many good things.

And yes, I'm exploring a specific P/T teaching position in art. This is how I started my work life after college. When I changed careers, my favorite in-house publishing job was P/T. I love part-time jobs. They give both some financial security and flexibility for my personal work. That would help my equilibrium immensely!

Mark said...

Keep your eye on the payoff: returning to what you love, your next project. In the meantime, good luck with all the other *#^& you're juggling! And in my opinion, part-time is the only way to go, if you can manage it; I find it gives me just enough "away in the world" time to prime me for spending the other half of the "work" day writing.