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Marketing? Isn't that what the publishing houses do?

To the newbies out there: Know that publishing houses do little if anything to promote your book. They expect you to do a lot of it, and that must show in your proposal to them.

That said, I admit that Marshall Cavendish treated me like a queen. They were always willing for me to have a signing at the American Library Association conferences and, when I won the Pura Belpré Honors, they paid for my plane ticket and put me in the best hotels. They even threw a banquet for the Belpré committee when Diego: Bigger Than Life won. (I am talking in past tense because Amazon.com has bought Marshall Cavendish Children's Books and I don't know what they will be called yet.)

Still, I promote my books: This blog, Facebook, my website (www.camenberniergrand.com) school visits, signings, conferences...and teaching at the Whidbey Island MFA (I tweet for them) doesn't hurt.

I befriend and support librarians and independent booksellers. But what I support the most is my fellow writers. I try to be there for their signings; I buy their books; and I promote their books everywhere I go. I do this because I care for them and their books. But you know what? Those blessings and many more have come back to me.


Edie Hemingway said...

Well said, Carmen!

Stephanie said...

You are amazing, Carmen:)

Lauren said...

I hope Amazon continues the same excellent treatment of you and your books as Marshall Cavendish, Carmen-- you have some excellent ones in the wings. And supporting our friends and their books is an excellent way to help each other market our books. Thanks Carmen!

john said...

Carmen, you are exactly right and your generous spirit illustrates one of the best ways to go about getting good books into the hands of readers.

Mark said...

I especially like your point about supporting fellow writers, Carmen.

Christy said...

Recommendations of books from other authors is a great seal of approval. It's important to foster this kind of mutual support in the often too competitive world of publishing. Hooray for you!