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Sam and Eddie

"Sam? What a stupid name for an alligator," said Eddie, leaning over the railing of the Morgan County Zoo Everglades exhibit. "I bet you're not even real. You're probably just a stupid plastic fake. I bet if I poked you with this stick, you wouldn't even open your eyes. I bet if I kicked you with my tennis shoe, you wouldn't even open your mouth. I bet if I -"

"Gulp!" said Sam, then eased himself into the cool dark pond to digest his late afternoon meal in happy silence.


Edie Hemingway said...

Gulp! That was quite the minimal and unexpected conversation, David!

Christy said...

Did Sam get a little shoe-size meal, or a bigger Eddie-and-shoe-size meal? Either way, Sam got the last word. Fun!

Lauren said...

Love it!

Diane Adams said...

Me too!