Ten writers for children. All with something to say.


One quote that grew to three . . . betsy woods

" . . . beside me, . . . before me . . . behind me . . . within me . . . beneath me . . . above me . . ."
--St. Patrick

"What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" --Mary Olivier

"Love is the absence of judgement." --Dalai Lama XIV


Christy said...

Fabulous! All these get me thinking.

David LaRochelle said...

I'm working on that "absence of judgment," Betsy. It isn't always easy!

patricia said...

David, I'm with you on that one!

Edie Hemingway said...


I think if we all followed the Dalai Lama's advice, it would solve most of the world's problems!

Thanks for these,