Ten writers for children. All with something to say.


Ten pieces of advice from an author who needs to follow her own advice:

1. Write every day, even if it's just an entry in a journal.

2. Set aside one day a week to do the business side of writing, such as researching publishers/editors who publish the type of manuscript you're writing, etc.

3. Stay current with trends by reading books currently being published in your chosen genre.

4. Turn off the internet and write every day.

5. Keep a notebook handy for jotting down descriptions of scenery, character sketches, snatches of interesting conversations, names, etc.

6. Find a group of writers whose opinions you value and whom you can trust to give you honest, constructive feedback.

7. Do the same in return for those writers.

8. Take a chance--enter a contest, have your work critiqued, submit your work to an editor or agent.

9. Become emotionally invested in your work.

10. Allow yourself to write a not very good (crappy) first draft. Then you'll have something to go back and revise!


Christy said...

Excellent advice! I'm good with writing crappy drafts, I'm emotionally invested, and I have a good group for feedback. The other seven all need work--lots of work!

Stephanie said...

Great advice Edie:)

David LaRochelle said...

I second all those ideas, Edie!

Lauren said...

Great advice Edie! Thanks!

Mark said...

Every item on your list is a valuable piece of advice, Edie. Like others, I struggle with doing what I know I need to do on a consistent basis in order to keep progressing with my craft.