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It has been a long time

Well, I'm here to catch up after an amazing trip researching Picasso in France, Spain, and Connecticut.

In France I visited most of the place where he lived near the Mediterranean: From Cadaqués (very much the same as he painted it) to Nimes (Roman bullfight ring), to Nice where my husband and I stayed a few days, driving every day to towns such as Antibes (where he learned to do ceramics) and Mougins where he died. On our way back we drove to Aix-Provence where he and his second wife, Jacqueline, are buried, then through the gorgeous Pyrenees to visit Gósol where he spent a summer. He chose his places well!

In Barcelona we visited Picasso's museum and we have photos of the places he lived and worked. We ate a couple of times at Els Quatre Gats where he often got together with friends.

Málaga is the city that celebrates him the most. His natal house is a museum and there is a museum with his childhood paintings and paintings that his first wife Olga kept. The day of his birthday, October 25, my husband accidentally--luckily--took an alleyway. The media was there and who comes out but Bernard Ruiz-Picasso. I got to shake hands with Pablo Picasso's grandson!

Back home--not quite but in Connecticut--I visited Yale's Bierneke Library and had in my hands original letters and postcards written by Picasso!

I'm sure you can feel how pleased I am!

My comments on picture books: Because of the pictures, they are a form that English learners can understand and learn the language. If they don't get the written word, they look at the pictures to get it. For that reason and many others picture books must live!

My comments on e-books: They are another way to read. Some people read better on paper, others don't. And it is easier to travel with a Kindle than to travel with many books.

Am I covering everything I've missed? Who knows? But for those of you who don't like to read long posts, this is enough.


Lauren said...

Carmen! What a successful trip for you and your husband! To shake hands with his grandson-- what a thrill. Perhaps when you book is done, you could lead a tour of Picasso's Spain. I, for one, would go on it. Bravo to you-- I look forward to your book!

betsy woods said...

Carmen, what synchronicity--and how beautiful is that! Picasso is reaching out to you, lending his support. Your trip sounds magical.

Christy said...

I'm signing up for that tour of Picasso's Spain trip too! What a dream experience.

David LaRochelle said...

Your Picasso trip sounds wonderful, Carmen. I agree that Picasso's spirit must have had a hand in your good fortune in meeting his grandson. I hope the book goes well.

Edie Hemingway said...

Congratulations on the wonderful, successful research trip and the serendipity of a meeting with Picasso's grandson! I, too, will sign up for the tour led by Carmen Grand.