Ten writers for children. All with something to say.


New Ideas...

I feel as if I went to a conference yesterday when I visited a school that was hosting four authors. Amongst the four were Tim Egan, Mary Ann Frazer and Amy Goldman. Watching them work their magic with the students was so much fun. Questions ranging from: "Will you adopt me?," "How old are you?," and "But how does the princess climb up into her bed at night?" (spoken of a very tall bed in the shape of a swan), made me laugh and think and remember how much fun it is to speak to kids. The authors all were artists too, and they amazed the students with their inclusive art and "cooking" projects (how to cook a story - ingredients included a tablespoon of characters, a dash of problems, and a quarter cup of setting - or something like that!).

What I walked away with is a renewed desire to attend conferences again. I've spoken at a few, which I love doing, but I also like sitting in the audience and being entertained. There are so many great ideas out there, and so much to learn. I think I'll check out what SCBWI is offering in the near future!
The photo is of my son's second grade teacher, Mrs. Hodges, escorting me around Mariposa School when I was a guest speaker. She graciously offered to carry all of my stuff for me, and I agreed for this photo op. They treated me so well that I'm always eager to go back!


Lauren said...

What a lucky school to have four presenters! I love opportunities to listen and watch other author/illustrators present-- always inspiring.

Edie Hemingway said...

I love the ingredients for that "cooking and writing" project!

Christy said...

It would be fun to do a round of posts about all the funny things kids want to know about guest authors. Their curiosity is wonderful.