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The origin of Vroomaloom Zoom

When I was a boy, my grandfather told me stories about taking his niece out for car rides because "that is the only way she'd fall asleep."

When I was a dad, my daughter would frequently fall asleep when we were driving around in the car.

When I was a writer, Phyllis Root suggested trying to write a picture book text in under 100 words. At that time, I was also working with the composer Libby Larsen on a concert involving students and sound, and I was paying a lot of attention to sound.

All of those things went into Vroomaloom Zoom. The book, with great illustrations by Joe Cepeda, had a fun run in both hardcover and paperback, and then went out of print. Now, however, I've found another publisher who is willing to bring Vroomaloom Zoom back for another lap.


Lauren said...

When my son was a baby, the only way he fell asleep was in the car-- we would drive and drive, then lift him, car seat and all, into his crib very quietly. Vroomaloom Zoom is a wonderful book to read aloud. I am so glad to hear it is coming back in print!

Edie said...

I can't wait to find this book in its new life! So many people can identify.

Christy said...

John, I loved reading about that sound concert you posted about once before. I spent quite some time exploring the links that demonstrated the student experiments with sound. How fun that this experience was a trigger for your own sound book.

The driving/sleeping connection definitely is familiar.

Mark said...

Your project with students and sounds reminds me of a woman I met, long ago, who played with the Maui Symphony. She did work with ailing children in which she played various notes on her violin to create "colors" in the minds of the children (the theory being that certain colors would induce a soothing mood). Interesting stuff! I'm very glad to hear about the reissue of Vroomaloom Zoom, too. Congratulations!

David LaRochelle said...

As it so happens, I just ran into your new publisher, Norton Stillman, this weekend. He's very happy to be working with you!

Diane Adams said...

I love this! My mom used to drive my son all over town to get him to sleep. She even brought him a pillow for the car. I also love that the word zoom is in its title. Wonder why! :)