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When I began to color in coloring books, my sister said, "You don't color people's faces."

I ignored her. I colored pink faces pink, brown faces, black faces , purple faces. People are not all white, nor all black. We are all people of color.


In second grade my teacher asked my class to paint landscapes.

At home we had a painting by Tía Marta. It was of a river in the night, the moon reflecting on it. I decided to paint my version. Hadn't Picasso imitated other artists such as Matisse and Velazquez successfully? Why not me.

My river zigzagged down, like black cloth cut with pinking shears. The moon had ripped the river in half, its pale-yellow rays zigzagging, too.

"What's that?" my classmates asked horrified.

I tried to explain.

"It's ugly!" they said.

Wasn't that what Pablo Picasso's friends said of Les Demoiselles d'Avignon?

I should have kept my landscape.


Christy said...

Your painting sounds beautiful, Carmen, and your description makes another painting--one rendered with fine words. Do you ever do art work now? I hope these experiences did not discourage you.

Edie said...

After hearing this story about your lost landscape, I think your current biography of Pablo Picasso was preordained!

Lauren said...

I am reading your Picasso research weaving in and out of this post-- these are both strong lessons to learn when you are young and obviously have resonated with you many years. I wish you had kept your landscape too!

David LaRochelle said...

Even at a young age you were following your own path, Carmen. I'm glad you still are!

betsy woods said...

The challenge of the creative mind is vision. Your own challenged as a child. I am glad you stayed true.

Mark said...

A great example of following your own vision, regardless of naysayers...