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It's so nice to turn toward autumn and to catch up with what everybody has been up to during the summer. I had a good summer of writing where I worked on a couple of picture books, a new YA novel, and revisions on the third book in my 4 for 4 series.

I also had a good travel summer with a trip to Quebec for the wedding of a friend where plenty of poutine helped fuel after-midnight dancing, a trip to England to help my mother-in-law pack for her upcoming move to Minnesota, and a recent trip to Massachusetts for a reconciliation ceremony with family connections between Native Americans and settlers that was powerful.

The book I read this summer that had the biggest impact on me was the second volume in M. T. Anderson's brilliant Octavian Nothing. I highly recommend it to anyone who's an American or interested in America.


Lauren said...

John, thanks for the recommendation-- I read "Octavian Nothing" and loved it, but was hesitating on the second volume-- I will hesitate no longer!

Edie said...

It sounds is if you've had a very interesting and productive summer! Thanks for the reading recommendation.

john said...

Lauren, I took some time between the two as well. There was plenty to absorb in Volume One, and Volume Two is even more powerful.
Edie, I'm excited to hear more about your screenwriting project for Road to Tater Hill. You are out trailblazer on this.

Christy said...

Can't help wondering about your after-midnight dancing as well as the reconciliation ceremony. Tantalizing crumbs you've dropped!

David LaRochelle said...

I, too, was amazed with the first Octavian Nothing - images and ideas from that book lingered for a long while after. You forgot to add that this summer you wrote a wonderful essay about libraries, John. It was indeed a full summer for you!