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Part Nine

Alicia Flea, a scardey cat, was ferociously afraid of water.
But water wasn’t the only thing she was afraid of.
She was afraid of knives, penguins, razor blades, the Michelin Man, tapioca pudding, and most frightening of all: tropical snakes.
She heard a slithering behind her and imagined she was inventing the noise to terrify herself.
It couldn’t be.
It was.
A gigantic black mamba emerged from the grass.


Christy said...

I love tapioca! It's childhood comfort food. I also love the line "and imagined she was inventing the noise to terrify herself." That's a great strategy for calming down.

betsy woods said...


Stephanie said...

That's too cute. ( But you could have given me a hint that the main character was a cat!)

David LaRochelle said...

Both funny AND scary! Nicely done, John!