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The Times Keep Changing

I used to spend weekend afternoons at the library researching and reading. Nowadays I use the Internet, though I still take biweekly trips to the library with my son to check out books (literally and figuratively).

If I wanted to buy a rare title, I used to contact a local bookstore and have them do a search; a week or two later I would hear if they had found one and, if so, begin the process of ordering it. Nowadays I type the title into Bookfinder, order the copy I want, and a week or two later it arrives in my mailbox!

I used to write letters to my grandparents and uncle in England; about a month later I would receive their reply. Nowadays I attach a few pictures to an email, press ‘send,” and within minutes I have a reply!

I used to post flyers at bookstores and cafes seeking people to start a critique group. Nowadays my local SCBWI has a gal whose sole function is to match people to groups (via email, of course!).

I used to type stories on an old manual typewriter with sticky keys. Then, in college, I bought a fancy electric typewriter. After college I bought a bulky “word processor” that weighed about 20 pounds. A few years later, I bought a smaller version of the same word processor. About 15 years ago, I bought a Compaq Presario, an “entry level” computer. Since then I have written on various cheaper and faster versions of desktop or laptop computers.

I used to seek out books and seminars on writing. Nowadays I read websites and blogs, and even post to our own blog!

I used to package submissions in a manila envelope with a SASE, send it off, and wait a few months (or more) for a reply. Nowadays – hold on a second: that’s what I still do!


Stephanie said...

Amazing how times have changed...

Edie said...

Great commentary on the changing times! How well I remember...

Lauren said...

I enjoyed the ending-- funny how the old snail mail submissions haven't changed with the times yet-- but they will. They have to! (Actually, my editor prefers the stories to be emailed-- let paper to deal with and recycle.)

David LaRochelle said...

And some of these changes have happened so fast! It's been less than 15 years that I've had a computer, and there's no way that I could conduct business without one now.

I think you're right, Lauren; those paper submissions are changing too. With editors that I already have a relationship, I am more and more often sending them material by email.

Change can be good, but I have to admit I miss receiving old-fashioned letters delivered to the front porch. Opening my mailbox doesn't hold nearly the same excitement that it used to hold.

john said...

Mark, I enjoyed your twist at the end. I've enjoyed these changes, too. How many people really miss white out?
Let's all send David a letter so he's got something in his box.
4791 Stewart Ave.
White Bear Lake, MN 55110

Bonnie J. Doerr said...
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Bonnie J. Doerr said...

Why is it that the one painful experience for writers is the one slowest to change?

Now for some happy news. One Potato...Ten blog has won a Sunshine Award for all the reading and writing pleasure you share. You can read more about this award at http://bit.ly/9oi7Ns .


Bonnie J. Doerr said...

I'll try giving you the address for reading about the Sunshine Award again.

http://bit.ly/9oi7Ns or if that doesn't work try