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Resource Books

Pictured above are two of my all-time favorite books relating to children's literature. CHILDREN'S BOOKS AND THEIR CREATORS, edited by Anita Silvey, is a wonderful encyclopedia of children's authors, illustrators, and their work. If I'm looking for the author of a particular book, and I want more information than I'd find at Amazon.com, this handy resource gives me interesting facts about the author or illustrator along with other works she/he has created. There are also many short essays by the authors and artists themselves, telling about what led them to create books for children. This is a wonderful book to browse, revisiting favorite books and authors and discovering new ones. The book was published in 1995 and I hope that Ms. Silvey will produce an updated version to include recent titles; I'd definitely buy it for my bookshelf.
The second book, DEAR GENIUS:THE LETTERS OF URSULA NORDSTROM, collected and edited by Leonard S.Marcus, is a fascinating look into the life of the woman who edited such luminaries as Maurice Sendak, Shel Silverstein, Margaret Wise Brown, and Garth Williams. I suppose it's not really a resource book, but I'd recommend it to any writer who hasn't read it yet. How lucky these authors were to have an editor who cared so deeply for them and their work.


Christy said...

YES!!! Both are great. I especially loved Dear Genius.

Edie said...

I recently heard Anita Silvey speak at the Children's Book Guild of Washington, DC. She was talking about her new book, EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW I LEARNED FROM A CHILDREN'S BOOK. It was a very interesting session with lots of anecdotes!

Laurie Skiba said...

David, I remember when we both discovered DEAR GENIUS at the same time and were wowed by the life of Ursula Nordstrom and all she did for authors and readers. When I was at the SCBWI workshop in Western Washington last fall, I was happy to hear how many writers kept it handy and spoke of it fondly as one of their best resources. Thanks for the reminder of what it can give to all of us!

john said...

Two good ones, David, to guide us all.
Eager to hear your good news soon.

Lauren said...

Dear Genius was one of my first great reads after I had published my first picture book-- What an amazing editor! I am not familiar with the Anita Silvey. I will look for it, as you make it sound very informative! It was great to see you yesterday!

Mark said...

Two great suggestions, David. I already own the Silvey book and agree with your take on its uses. I will have to seek out the other title... Thanks for the post.