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Time for Resolutions Again?

With the arrival of 2010 comes the time for resolutions. As I thought about what to write in today’s blog I realized my resolutions have remained consistent for a number of years, so rather than generating new resolutions, this year I “recommit” myself to the continued pursuit of my goals. Here is my list:

1) Keep working on my craft
2) Read more
3) Though it conflicts with my introverted nature, continue cultivating relationships and networking within the children’s writing world
4) Cherish my critique groups and nurture their continued existence
5) Keep working on my craft

Not exactly groundbreaking, I know. I bookended the list with “working on my craft” because that is the hardest, and potentially most rewarding, item on the list.

One good thing about resolutions, for me, is the timing. I tend to take most summers off to go sailing and play with my family and recharge my mental batteries, and so with January coming just about halfway through winter, reviewing my goals provides a chance to refocus and prepare for the second half of my writing “season.”

Who knows, with any luck – and continued hard work – I might finally get a book accepted for publication this year. Even if I do, however, I am not sure my future resolutions will change that much. For me, writing is a lifelong, evolving endeavor -- a marathon with no real finish line but plenty of interesting checkpoints and sights along the way (to force a metaphor). With that in mind, I humbly recommit myself to an ongoing pursuit of artistic creation and fulfillment. Speaking of which, it is time now to sign off and head down to my shack for the day’s work . . .


Edie said...

I like your statement that writing is a lifelong, evolving endeavor with no real finish line, but with plenty of interesting checkpoints and sights along the way! All writers should think that way. Here's hoping 2010 will be THE YEAR for you to have a manuscript accepted!

David LaRochelle said...

Like Edie, I was struck by your statement about writing being a lifelong endeavor. I can easily get caught up in the mindset that I will be a successful writer as soon as...(I publish so many books, I win such and such an award, etc.). I'm finally beginning to internalize your sentiment about writing being a lifelong journey...and one that I'm happy to be taking.

And I second Edie's statement that 2010 will be your year for your first book contract, Mark!

Lauren said...

Yes, a life-long endeavor for all of us with lots of interesting check-points along the way. Mark, I love imagining you writing and reading in your shack. Someday I hope to be able to visit you there. I third the wish for 2010 being the year you have a manuscript accepted!

Christy said...

Your shack is sounding more and more appealing as I fight for time and place to retreat. Though I understand it's hard to balance the networking/social part of the business with the solitary discipline of creating, I'd love to encourage you to come out of the shack sometimes and allow yourself to be discovered. I'm sure that ten out of ten potatoes agree that '10 should be your year for selling a manuscript.

Mark said...

Thanks, as always, for your kind words and encouragement. I am blessed to be a member of this group!