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Unexpected Gifts

One of the things I'm thankful for is unexpected gifts. Three have come my way recently and I'm thankful for all of them. Last week I was notified that BOX OUT had been selected for the 2010 Tayshas High School Reading List for Texas students. I'm always pleased to have a book chosen for one of the Texas lists and am particularly pleased to have BOX OUT on the Tayshas list.

Today in the mail I received five letters from students at a charter school in Philadelphia who read Crackback and wanted to tell me what they thought, ask some questions, and offer suggestions for future books. The personalities of these students shine through in their letters.

And yesterday I received word that a picture book manuscript of mine has been acquired. This is a story I became interested in when my daughter started college in Massachusetts and I visited a nearby site of historical importance. That my daughter is long graduated and now married is beside the point. I'm thrilled to have a new picture book in the works. Each day we go to work without knowing where the stories or pictures will take us, and so often we receive unexpected gifts. Thank you.


Edie said...

What wonderful unexpected gifts, John, and congratulations to you on all three acknowledgements of your work!

Lauren said...

I like this: "Unexpected gifts". I too am thankful for them-- one never knows what might arrive at the door-- the key is to keep the door open. Thank you for this reminder, John and congratulations too-- a new picture book!

Stephanie said...

Congrats John! Those are such good things:)

Christy said...

Nice way to end the year! Each of your unexpected gifts is a response to the gift you give as a writer.