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A Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park

A Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park is a mural by Diego Rivera. It is a social commentary. The wealthy could walk inside Alameda Park while the indigenous people watched from outside. Some were vendors. The police made sure that the poor stayed away from the rich.
Write a passage from the point-of-view of a wealthy person who doesn't want poor people in the park.
Then write a passage from the point-of-view of a poor person at the edge of the park, looking in, or trying to get in.
In both passages use as many of the senses as you can (smells, tastes, sounds...) and emotions!


David LaRochelle said...

That's a fascinating mural, Carmen. Do you know where it is located? It looks like it's in a restaurant.

Lauren said...

This is so simple and yet very provocative! Art feeds art. Thank you Carmen!

Edie said...

I love writing about the same setting from two different points of view! It's amazing how such different details come out, and the settings could be two completely different places, depending on how the characters look at them.

Christy said...

I hope you did this in a workshop setting where everyone got a chance to share their writing. I would love to hear the results. I bet the assignment made for lively discussion.

Anonymous said...

Its in a museum in Mexico City, and the one in the picture is most likely a remake, because it is so big that walls had to be built around it.