Ten writers for children. All with something to say.


What a joy to see what my fellow potatoes' work spaces look like. I no longer feel guilty for all the inspirations/distractions that surround my writing area, which is in an extra bedroom of our house. It is also where the cats sleep, thus I sometimes find my stories chewed apart in the morning. They are my fiercest critics!!

I did neaten it up a bit for the photo. Usually I have piles of paper surrounding the computer, which means that I'm being productive. It is actually way too clean for my taste right now.

Favorite stories sit on the bookshelves, as well as family photos, a ceramic dragon who protects my work (obviously not from wild cats), and my own books sit up there as well reminding me that I have had some success in the past and hopefully will have some success in the future. Below the bookshelves are a poster from Pike's Place in Seattle, a framed newspaper article about my six year old neighbor, who stars in my latest book, and a photo of my son's graduation from college. Every once in awhile I take everything off the wall and shelves and keep the space sparse and open, then I have the joy of filling it up again.

So I guess I better get busy creating a new mess. Happy writing!


Christy said...

Yes, Diane, pleeease get busy and make a mess. This is way too cute and tidy! ALso, we want more Diane stories!

Stephanie said...

Looks like a terrific space:)

Edie said...

Thanks for sharing, Diane! One thing all of our spaces have had in common so far is white/off white walls. I guess that makes for a lighter and less distracting workspace, plus it allows all our artwork, photography, books, etc. to show up better.

David LaRochelle said...

I think you should train your dragon to do a better job of protecting your stories from dangerous cats!

Lauren said...

Diane, I agree with Christy-- get messy! (yes, I promise to share my messy space today with you for encouragement!) However, I will admit-- a neat space can be so inviting and make for excellent beginnings.