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I'm just a hamster who can't say, "No."

I want it all. I am eagerness personified. Overly responsive. My eyes are bigger than my stomach. My hands are in too many pots. Overextended. My biggest fear about writing, is NOT writing. Ideas I have in abundance. Time to develop the ideas is lacking because I am scrambling to fulfill all my commitments. I alone can control this, but I will always give you lists of excuses why I must do everything I do—everything that prevents me from doing this important thing I WANT to do—write.

Okay, I’m going to practice saying the word that causes me fear, “No, no, NO!”


Lauren said...

Wow! Christy-- we have to meet sometime-- we suffer from the same illness! I am getting better at saying No... It gets easier with practice, but writing takes time and space which is so easily forfeited when a creative person has so many interests-- keep saying No-- you have a lot to write about and it deserves your time.

Stephanie said...

Yeah, I have to work on this too:)

Edie said...

I think we writers all have to work at saying "no." When you learn how, please let me know!