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a penny for your thoughts

September 1
School before Labor Day should be outlawed. September, NOT August, is back to school time, yet here in California, my daughter is already in her second week of classes. Though part of me sadly relinquishes summer’s languor, another part is eager for the well-learned rhythm and rigor of autumn.

Today is the official release date of my book, The East-West House: Noguchi’s Childhood in Japan. The book has fared well by reviewers so far—a star from Kirkus! http://www.leeandlow.com/books/373/hc/the_east_west_house_noguchi_s_childhood_in_japan/ Alas, I have no contract copies yet, so my celebration is postponed. Instead of lingering over a bound book, I plan to move forward, buckle down in that back-to-school mode, finish finessing a manuscript, and pitch a new project today. At least I will try.

First, I want to note two of my favorite childhood rituals preparing for the new school year, and invite you readers to share some of yours.

NEW PENNY LOAFERS! Each year my parents packed my three brothers and me in the Studebaker and we drove from our home on the North Shore of Massachusetts to the outlet stores in New Hampshire to shop for school clothes. I always came home with a new sweater and plaid pleated skirt from Pendleton Woolen Mills, and new shoes from Johnny Appleseeds. I couldn’t wait to get home and place a shiny penny in each loafer.

A NEW LUNCH BOX! This was, of course, my defining accessory. I wish I kept a collection of these vintage metal boxes, The Lone Ranger for my older brother Dave and Barbie for me.

What does back to school mean for you?
A penny for your thoughts…


Edie said...

Congratulations, Christy, on your book release today! I can't wait to get a copy. My book release is one week away. Wish we lived closer to celebrate together.

Back to school for me meant a brand new notebook, colorful folders or spiral notebooks for each subject, a pencil holder and newly sharpened pencils. I guess I should have known back then I would be a writer.

Christy said...

How exciting, Edie! Let's have a virtual celebration.

Ah yes, school supplies! We'd pop out the holes to position the pencil holders in our binders, then we'd save the little round pieces of clear plastic and pretend they were contact lenses.

Stephanie said...

My kids started last week too.Although they get most of next week off for the county fair. Congrats on the new book! Very excited for it. My favorite thing about school shopping was getting new shoes. I think we went to Kmart. And I have a Gentle Ben lunch box on my shelf as we speak. A bit battered, but oh well...

David LaRochelle said...

The highlight of back-to-school supplies was definitely the new box of crayons. Not the big 64 box with the built in crayon sharpener (my mother thought that was too messy) but the almost as good 48 color assortment in the long plastic tray with a cover. The first strokes with the new tips were always the best.

Anonymous said...

This is cute. Wait, today is your book release day? So cool! Congrats.

I agree. The second week of school should not have 99 degree days. It's just wrong.