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The Non-Poet

I paint

and I paint

and I paint

all my pain

I don't consider myself a poet, but even Horn Book says I am. What am I supposed to do with this good news? (news=noticias are plural in Spanish)

This fall (while the leaves turn color and deer roam in my yard) I am learning what poetry is all about. My teacher is a fine poet, Carolyne Wright. I urge you to study her poetry books, A Change of Maps and Seasons of Mangoes and Brainfire. This poet knows Spanish, loves lizards, has lived in Chile, and has translated poems by Pablo Nerurda. I wish I could be her!
I've learned from her to count feet and stresses. But then she tells me that, in Spanish, you don't count feet or stresses but syllables. Okay, so how am I supposed to translate the poems I write in English into Spanish? It's easier the other way (Spanish into English) because you can count syllables in both languages. So, I'm sorry but after I have written poems in English counting feet and stresses, I can't translate them because the syllable thingy doesn't work. Why can't I count accents in my translations? I know well the agudas, llanas, y esdrújulas.
I will be posting my progress in poetry in English. In the meantime be aware, mis poesías en español are stressed out.


Edie said...

How lucky you are to be studying poetry with Carolyne Wright! And I would feel lucky if I could be studying poetry with you.

john said...

Carmen, congratulations on this step. It will be fun to see how this shows up in your work.