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Looking backwards and forwards...

Outside the wind is beginning to have that dry-leaf-whooshing sound.
Fall is here and I am still alive!

When I look over the color mechanicals for my next book, "The Princess and Her Panther", I can hardly remember painting the illustrations this past summer.
When I visit my sister and I see her moving easily around her home without a walker, I can hardly remember visiting the Mayo Clinic with her so many times this past summer.

When I drive my son Cooper to his classes at Circus Juventas, I cannot recall the hours spent painting a giant Imperial Palace and other sets.

When I watch my daughter Ruby prepare for college applications, our 12 day road trip to the east to visit colleges and relatives this past summer seems like a dream.

What a summer it was! Truly a test of my emotional and physical endurance on so many levels. I hardly remember the actual season of summer at all, but I did keep a daily journal to which I can return. That is something I do for myself, even when life tugs its hardest on my time. I start the day with writing- sometimes just documenting what happened the day before, or listing what has to be done the rest of the day, and sometimes just a free-flow of thoughts, stories, dreams and imaginings.

With the fall winds come a return:
  • to my studio, clean and ready for new stories and paintings.
  • to an Midwest Booksellers Honor Award for SNOW
  • to pulling teaching materials together for a week of presenting at The American School of Bombay in Mumbai, India
  • to long walks, long books, and my Ten Potatoes!


David LaRochelle said...

Boy, you sure have had a full summer, Lauren. You deserve an award for making it through successfully. I'm very glad to hear that your sister is improving, and congratulations on the beautiful sets you painted for the circus - the show was wonderful.

Hoping your autumn is a bit more peaceful.

Oh, and a BIG congratulations on your honor for SNOW. It is such a lovely book and deserves the recognition.

Christy said...

Lauren, what an intense time these months have been! It's impressive that you managed to keep a journal through it all. We missed you and it feels fuller to know that you're with us again.

Lauren said...

It is nice to be back! And wonderful to read all that you have written while I was away.