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The Places We'll Go, Part Two

I've just returned from a personal writing retreat in Grand Marais, Minnesota, where I stayed at Lauren Stringer's quaint guest house, affectionately referred to as "The Boat." Without the distractions of the Internet or phone (or laundry and housework!) I was three times as productive with my writing as I would have been at home.

Grand Marais is beautiful small town located right along the shore of Lake Superior. My first day in town I gave a presentation on my YA novel ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NOT at Drury Lane Books. I'm not sure I've ever been in a bookstore with a more scenic location; the window behind me looked right out onto the great sweetwater sea.

And although most of my days were spent writing, I also had time to enjoy some incredible hikes along the Superior Hiking Trail, which took me to the roaring Devil Track River as well as the breath-taking gorges and waterfalls of the Cascade River.

Experiences like this make me grateful that I have the job that I do, and the freedom to enjoy a week devoted solely to writing. I am also extremely grateful to have friends like fellow potato Lauren and her husband Matthew, who graciously open up their cottage to artists and writers seeking a quiet place to work far from the distractions of home.


Christy said...

Looks beautiful and sounds heavenly. Glad you enjoyed this rich time.

Stephanie said...

How fabulous! I need to do that:)

Edie said...

Wow! What a place to go for writing (and retreating)! Glad you enjoyed it, David, and Lauren, I hope you and your family have frequent opportunities to enjoy it, too.