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A Working Summer

Some of you are having vacation and enjoying the summer. I am enjoying my summer too, researching and writing. It is my pleasure to say that I am working on a biography of Judge Sonia Sotomayor. I'm sure many other writers are doing the same, but it doesn't matter. Each book brings a new flavor to the table, and we should celebrate good books.

I have found plenty of material about the judge in the Internet. Yet, never satisfied I want more. Judge Sotomayor's brother has a list with my questions, but he can't answer them without her permission and, as we all know, she's too busy.

So, if anybody out there knows her or her family, I will like to hear. My questions are not political. I just want to know the names of her cousins and aunts, details of her father's burial, if she asks her mother for her blessing. Anything authentic.

I will be at the ALA conference in Chicago. From there, I'll fly to Puerto Rico. I hope to visit Lajas and Mayaguez, where Judge Sotomayor's family lives. Even if they can't answer my questions, I'll be able to feel the place, smell the smells of the towns that the judge visits twice a year.

I studied in Mayaguez, but we authors use our five senses better when we need to write about a place. I am looking forward to this experience.

I pray Sonia Sotomayor is confirmed. In any case, her story needs to reach children.


Stephanie said...

Good for you Carmen! I think she's a fabulous candidate and I hope she gets confirmed soon:)

David LaRochelle said...

I love the glimpse into the way you research, Carmen. I, too, hope she is confirmed smoothly.

betsy woods said...

Carmen, you live a life that intrigus me, that I yearn for: always dicovering the wonder.

john said...

Carmen, you are working on a great story and I am confident she will be an outstandingt Justice. Good luck with your travels.