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John Coy's Top Ten Intro

1. I am going to my garden today to dig up this year's crop of purple potatoes.

2. I love basketball. Yes, really love.

3.  I live in Minnesota, spend time in New York, and have been to fifty states.

4. I have written five picture books, two YA novels, and am in the middle of a four book series. The first book in the series called Top of the Order will be published in March of 2009.

5.  I recently found out that some middle school librarians will not allow my YA novel BOX OUT in their libraries for a reason that surprised me. You can read about it here: http://asifnews.blogspot.com

6. I wrote a book called Two Old Potatoes and Me that has great illustrations by Carolyn Fisher. You can see pictures of spuds growing, vote for your favorite way to eat them, and other potato fun at: www.johncoy.com/pages/picbooks/potatoes/index.html

7. My first picture book, Night Driving, was published in 1996.

8. I'm pleased to be connected to these other writers and illustrators on this blog.

9. I feel very fortunate to do what I do.

10. I really want to see David LaRochelle's video about how good Serokat laxative makes him feel. On this blog.


David said...

Thanks, John, for the interest in my laxative video! Alas, I made the video about 14 years ago and it is on VCR tape, so it isn't compatible to the Internet. Technology marches fast, doesn't it? 14 years ago I didn't even own a computer, and now I'm blogging!

Diane Adams said...

Hi John,
I bought your book and am proudly stocking it in my home library. Send any and all students my way to check it out. Diane

Lauren said...

John, I have heard about the banning of Box Out. Good grief!! Where is the tolerance in this country?

john said...

Thank you for that. That is exactly what we need.